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Fellow Actors

  • James Drury (The Virginian in The Virginian!) was kind enough to speak with me personally and give me this quote about Steve Ihnat:

    "He was a very fine actor. He was really a very talented guy... He did two or three Virginians. He was always very interesting to work with and very professional. He was extremely accomplished and I enjoyed his company. He was a great guy. He was an extremely powerful actor... As far as I was concerned he was a tribute to his profession and a very very nice person."

  • Jill Townsend (Co-star of Cimarron Strip, with Stuart Whitman):

    "He was the most intense actor that I had ever met. I had never seen an actor who was more serious and so into the portrayal of his character than Steve Inhat." [1]

  • Bradford Dillman, one of "the masterminds," had this to say about Ihnat:

    "The Masterminds" episode of The F.B.I. was, I believe, the best episode ever on that long-running series. [Clu] Gulager, [Scott] Marlowe, Ihnat and myself conceive the idea of dressing as cartoon characters to knock off Disneyland. The first part was the caper. Part 2 was the feds in pursuit and the consequences of the robbery. I found Gulager to be a rather eccentric man. Steve Ihnat was taken from us at far too young an age. He was one of the most brilliant actors I ever worked with. As for Marlowe, he was a talented actor, but somewhat withdrawn. [2]

    [1] Jill Townsend interview, from the now defunct Cimarron Strip website
    [2] Cinema Retro Interview with Bradford Dillman.

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