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Season 2, Episode 10: "The Inheritors" part 1 (November 21, 1964)

Steve plays Lieutenant Minns. Shot in the head by a meteorite-bullet, his mind is taken over by aliens, who force him, and three others, to work on some kind of project. Robert Duvall as Adam Ballard believes the world has been invaded, and tries to stop the project.

Lt. Minns, somewhere in Korea.

Shot in the belly and the head.

Adam Ballard (Robert Duvall) watches the operation to save his life.

Ballard learns Minns is the 4th man shot in the head, they all now
have the exact same brainwave patterns.

Ballard visits Minns, and asks him about the other three men.

Minns says he doesn't know them.

Ballard doesn't believe him.

While Ballard is off investigating the other three men, Minns decides its time to leave.

He takes the book that will enable him to make a fortune.

A nurse enters, but he can control her mind. She removes his bandage.


Minns goes to a broker's office where they deal in commodities, and over the course of a week or so, earns
over $400,000, which he then divides and sends to the other three men.



Minns looking for someone.

Young boy in house looking outward, as if expecting Minns to come to him.

The boy is extremely intelligent, and knows who Minns is.

He is unwanted by his family. Minns will take him on a long trip.

Ballard and co. stake out Minns' apartment building.

Minns senses he is being watched.

He glances around, but he enters the apartment building anyway.

Not mentioned in the "Starring" credits at the beginning of the episode
First listed in the end credits.

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