About Tournament Scrabble

Tournament Scrabble is much different than “living room Scrabble” as author Stefan Fatsis puts it.

Tournament Scrabble is a lot of fun, but you’ll do better, and have more fun, if you’re prepared. Check out the Beginner’s Guide to Tournament Scrabble for tips on how prepare for a tournament.

There are two Scrabble organizations in the United States that sponsor tournaments. NASPA, which costs $60 a year to join, and WGPO, which is free to  join. The Cheyenne Scrabble Club sponsors tournaments rated by the WGPO.

Tournament Scrabble uses a complete word list, including “offensive” words that are not present in the Official Scrabble Dictionary used for “living room” play. Please note that when it comes to Tournament Scrabble, words are simply scoring tools, and are divorced from their “wordly” meaning.

Scrabble tournaments in other countries use a different word list, that has more words.