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Flight 93 Temporary Memorial

For the names of the 40 heroes, go

My photos taken: May 9, 2009

The road to the memorial and crash site - near Lambertsville, Pennsylvania

Sign leading to temporary Memorial

Turning left on Lambertsville Rd toward Lambertsville

After a couple of miles, a left turn onto Skyline Road. Drive another miile to the top a rise, and then see the temporary memorial to your left.

The new Temporary Memorial to the left -
forced to relocate across the road last year

The old Temporary Memorial site - usage no longer allowed by current landowner

The flag on a chain fence, marking the crash site
Most easily visible from original temporary memorial

Zoom lens photo of flag and crash site
from a slightly higher position on the road

My rough sketch of the site to provide orientation

The memorial location from the parking lot

The concrete monument, text duplicated front and back

Exterior of NPS OFfice

Guest book (also one inside building). Below the table, cards for one to write longer messages.

Transcripts from the black box, telephone calls, and the trial of the mastermind

View toward crash site from NPS Office

View toward NPS Office standing in front of Angels of Freedom display

Front left hand corner of fence

The memorial location from the parking lot

A monument, same front and back

A flag in the corner of the fence -
to the right of the concrete monument

Close-up of the placard

Far, long side of fence

Gifts left by visitors, collected on this wall.

The far left portion of the collection

Gifts left by visitors, collected on this wall.

A poem

Granite plaques set in the ground.

Donated by various enforcement agencies

Air Marshalls monument to the fallen, showing the gifts left by visitors.

The text

Angels of freedom


Passengers and crew

The list of passengers and crew

A cross

Gifts left by visitors to the memorial

Other memorials to Flight 93

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