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Michael Goorjian at YouTube

Interviews and various clips from Michael's performances are available at YouTube. If you like them, I suggest you actually buy the DVDs. It costs a lot of money to make a movie, particularly Independent ones, and if you want to support the careers of the movie-makers you admire, or even just like, and ensure that they can make more movies, you should buy their stuff!

The videos below are grouped as follows: 1) Interviews with Michael, 2) Short films directed by Michael, 3) Short films and independent films featuring Michael 4) Major film and tv releases

Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 197 with Michael Goorjian

First several minutes are the interviewer, then he interviews Goorjian. Rest of the show is other people.

Players Club: directed by Michael Goorjian

Not available

Born and Died: Staged Reading with Michael Goorjian and Greg Zarian

Not available

Fan video - Michael as Skittery

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