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Michael Goorjian in Monk: "Mr. Monk and the Kid"

Monk and his assistant visit the home of the Carlyle's. Michael, as Jacob Carlyle, pretends to be his brother, Daniel.

Monk asks to see Michael's other hand, which Michael shows.

Michael shows his hand, then asks them to leave. They follow the Carlyle's, see them waiting at a payphone, and deduce Daniel has been kidnapped.

In the Carlyle's house, the Carlyle's explain. Michael as Jacob is very nervous...terrified, even. Moving shakily back and forth, back and forth.

Michael explains that they'd gone to the park to retrieve the finger, only to find the police there and the place roped off.

Michael accidently bumps something with his elbow. He explains that he can't stop shaking.

The telephone rings, and Michael jumps and kind of cringes.

More reactions from Michael as the phone rings.

As Michael listens to his mother's phone conversation with the kidnappers and panics when he learns it's he who will have to make the ransom drop.

Michael stands up and backs away, babbling that he can't do it. He'll mess it up.

His mother says, "that's okay, she'll do it," but Monk's assistant points out it has to be a man. "Yes, we have to find a man," says Monk. (I can't get the reaction shot on Michael's face when Monk says this, but Michael is clearly disconcerted and wondering if Monk is subtly pointing out that he, Michael, is not a man but a wuss. (Or, a muss). Monks says he'll do it.

The mother hands the paper with written instructions to Monk. Final shot. Mother Carlyle and Michael rush to embrace the released Daniel. Michael turns to look behind him before he embraces his brother.

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