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Simon sneering at torture in The Saint
I became a fan of Simon Lack thanks to his performances in the Paul Temple mysteries (radio serials, produced from 1954 to 1968, in which Lack appeared as either a red herring, a police officer, or sometimes the killer).

Since he worked in England and I live in America, the site is sparser than it might be, so if anyone has any information they can send me, it would be much appreciated.

Simon Lack, whose real name was Alexander MacAlpine, was born on 19 December 1915 (some sources say 1917) in Cleland, Scotland. He died on 6 August 1980 (some sources say 8 August), in London, England, at the age of either 65 or 63.

Just as his acting career was getting underway, World War II broke out, and Lack spent six years in the Army. When he came back, he became a popular character actor in the various media: radio, stage, movies and television.

New in Memories

Actor David Spenser shares his memories of acting in radio with Simon Lack.

New in Theatre

Simon Lack as Sextus in the musical Cage Me A Peacock (1948)

New in Movies

Simon Lack as Colonel Vickers in Trog

Simon Lack as Sextus in Cage Me A Peacock

What's on this site

  • Biography
    At the moment (4/19/11), Simon Lack's biography is told chronologically, focusing on the work he performed each year on stage, on radio, in movies and on TV.

  • Movies
    Simon Lack made only a few movies, and most of these were in relatively small roles. Where available, I include screen caps of those roles.

  • Radio
    Simon Lack starred, co-starred or appeared in hundreds of radio programs over the years, because he was a member of the BBC Drama Repertory Company. Currently all I have are his appearances in the Paul Temple mysteries, but the rest of his radio ouvre is shared in these pages. (Under construction.)

  • Stage
    Simon Lack co-starred in several plays, and I share that information on this page.

  • Television
    Like his movie roles, Simon Lack's television roles were usually of the co-starring kind - no starring works. Where available, I'll share screencaps of his work.

  • Site Updates
    As I find more material to share here, I'll record the date of the acquisition on this page, so my readers can find out what's new.

  • Paul Temple
    This is a study of the entire Peter Coke-Marjorie Westbury Paul Temple ourvre. Of the 11 serials, Simon Lack was in 9 of them, as either police representative, red herring, or murderer.

  • BBC Radio Drama Repertory
    Eventually, these pages will contain all information available about the actors who performed in radio at the BBC. I'd like this to be a resource for such actors.

  • Other Actor's Websites
    Eventually, I'll be creating web pages or tribute sites for other actors of whom I'mm a fan. Check for links here.

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