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Eleven Days To Zero: First aired September 14, 1964

For the first episode of VTTBOTS, we include text of the opening narration, and set up of the plot. Future pages will focus only on actors, camera angles, and location shots.


Note that VTTBOTS episodes can be viewed for free at its IMBD webpage. (The videos are hosted at Hulu.com.) However, the DVD cases that you can buy from Amazon.com, from links on this page, are much, much nicer!

The Seaview
High ceilings, flashing lights

This is the Seaview. The most extraordinary submarine in all the seven seas. Its public image is that of an instrument of marine research. In actuality,it is the mightiest weapon afloat, and is secretly assigned to the most dangerous missions against the enemies of mankind.

Captain John Phillips (William Hudson)
Admiral Harriman Nelson (Richard Basehart)

In command of the Seaview, Captain John Phillips. And in overall charge of scientific projects, the creator and builder of the fabulous ship, Admiral Harriman Nelson.

Nelson and Phillips get into car
Motorcycle escorts don't notice painter places X on car roof

This is the Seaview's top secret submarine base. It is carved out of solid rock, and is located on the southern California coast, 500 feet beneath the famed Nelson Institute of Marine Research. Few men know of its existence, and few men even suspect its purpose.

Santa Barbara coastline?
Please ID correct location, anyone.

Santa Barbara coastline?
Fired on by helicopter

Graphic death of Captain Wilson
Not quite as graphic death of sniper from helicopter, shot by Nelson.

Filmshow of flooding
Washington Council

After the opening credits, segue immediately into the meeting in Washington where Admiral Nelson holds forth.

"Minor disasters, gentlemen, compared with the tragedy which is about to strike. In exactly eleven days, a gigantic wall of water will smash and destroy the coastal regions of half the world. That's it, gentlemen. Unless we act at once, we face the greatest single disaster in the history of the earth. Gentlemen, all of this has been verified by the world's foremost seismologists, Dr. Claude Selby and his associate, Dr. Fred Wilson. Dr. Selby."

Dr. Claude Selby (John Zaremba)
Dr. Fred Wilson (Eddie Albert)

"No doubt of it, gentlemen. In exactly eleven days, two earthquakes will occur in the Arctic. Now, the first will be moderate. The second, following in a matter of hours, will generate enormous tidal waves, as Dr. Wilson will describe." "These towering waves will roar down through the Bering Straits, inundate Hawaii, and go on to strike the west coast of America a smashing blow. And in the other half of the world, they will sweep down here, smash the British Isles, western Europe, and go on to demolish our own east coast.

Unless Admiral Nelson's plan will work: "I propose to detonate a nuclear device near the North Pole, at the exact instant of the second quake.

That's too risky. The explosion could double the force of the tidal waves."

Just the opposite, Doctor. The explosion will set up opposing lines of force, breaking the backs of the tidal waves before they form."

Fred Wilson chimes in: "Theoretically, the plan will work."

The rest of this page is graphics intensive. Please wait for all photos to load.

Some of the story is told in these photos, other photos are included to showcase the "bit actors" in the scenes. Still others, camera angles, etc.

The cigarette case, now in enemy hands.
Tape recorder underneath!

First TV appearance of a Blofeld clone?
Peter Lorre-ish accent, too.
Mysterious man in black.

Trying to enter the Seaview.

I'm Captain Crane!
Kowalski hit the Captain!

Nelson and Wilson arrive.
Dock C-24.

The rear of the sub, glass enclosed.
Crane comes down the stairs to join the crew.

Crane and Nelson in Nelson's quarters.
Model of the Seaview

Unknown crewman, big set.
Big set.

Name the actor/crewman.
Name the actor/crewman.

Beard = no sailor.
Name the actor.
Bald, and smokes using a cigarette holder. Villain!

Surface water rather than under water water.
Depth charges!

Name the actor/crewman in center.
Futuristic plane dropping depth charges.

Reactions to depth charges.
Name the actor/crewman in center .

Big set, lots of extras.
Name the actor on the right.

Lots of extra - scuba divers.
Captain Crane leads the way.

Attack of a giant squid. Crane has to be rescued.
Attack of a giant squid. Crane has to be rescued.

Attack of a giant squid. Crane has to be rescued.
Attack of a giant squid. Crane has to be rescued.

Sub cruises beneath Arctic icebergs.
Name actor in center.

Another bald guy, with a fiddly, pointy beard. Foreign villain!
Who's the actor on the left?.

Enterprise reacting to torpedos has nothing on the Seaview.
Dr. Gamma in a velvet smoking jacket.

Dr. Gamma (Theodore Marcuse) in shadow.
Seaview emergency surface.

Dr. Gamma persists in having back to camera.
Villains discuss plans.

The Seaview on the surface.
Extras playing in "snow".

Snow going equipment.
Icebergs in the windows.

Name actor in center.
Plane attacks Dr. Wilson.

Dr. Gamma discusses success.
Who's the actor on left?

Nuclear device detonated. The Seaview survives shattered icebergs.
Dr. Wilson and Captain Crane arrive safely.

Dr. Gamma thinking of the future
Celebrating their success.

Identify these actors in small roles
Helicopter pilot and sniper.

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