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In the year 2050, civilian space corporations race against each other to build manned space stations on the moon, on the asteroids and on other planets. Each corporation has spies which they send out to acquire technology from other corporations, and counter-intelligence teams to prevent such spying.

Miranda Rainbird and her espionage team from the Capablanca Corporation are tasked with acquiring recently widowed scientist Craig Valdemar from the Philidor Corporation, based in Canberra, Australia. Three years ago he'd been a highly-touted new PhD and the creator of AC Fission, which was to revolutionize space travel.

Unbeknownst to Capablanca, Valdemar has been a bust. But, when he meets Miranda Rainbird, he suddenly begins to produce again. And counter-espionage agent Charles De Wolf is given his instructions - Mirada Rainbird must never leave Canberra.

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