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The Coldest Equations is book one in The People Out There series.

It is currently available on both the Kindle and Nook for $2.99.

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Read an interview with author Caroline Miniscule at The Thunder Child SF&F Webzine

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The Plot
Whenever a new TV show is committed to celluloid, the world evoked by that TV movie or series manifests itself as an alternate Earth. And there are beings Out There who have devised a machine (the Teleinvisichronomicon) which enables them to transfer the actors from Earth 1 into the bodies of their characters on these alternate Earths. And vice versa.

Tracy Karlovassi is the star of a science fiction erise called The Coldest Equations, in which she plays Miranda Rainbird, top spy, for the Capablanca Corporation. In the earth of this series, the civilian space organizations vie with each other to be the first - and only - companies to set up space stations on the moon, on the asteroids, and on Mars. Some security teams keep their own scientists and technology safe, other security teams attempt to kidnap scientists and appropriate technology from their rivals. It is to one of those security teams that Miranda Rainbird belongs.

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In Season 3 of The Coldest Equations, Miranda Rainbird has been framed for a crime she did not commit and is on the run from friend and foe alike. Rainbird may have had no trouble proving her innocence and bringing the real culprits to justice, but then Tracy Karlovassi is transferred into her body, and what can a mere actress do?


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