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Hank Azaria has supplied innumerable voices for The Simpsons over the years. He also had the leading role in a TV series called Huff, on the ShowTime channel.

The Simpsons

The voices Azaria provides on a regular basis:

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
Bumblebee Man
Captain McCallister
Chief Clancy Wiggum
Comic Book Guy
Kirk Van Houten
Moe Szyslak
Dr. Nick Riviera
Superintendent Chalmers
Professor Frink
Dredrick Tatum
Pyro (a.k.a. Chase)

"Homer's Enemy"

Azaria plays Frank Grimes, whom Homer has driven insane.

According to an interview, Azaria based his performance for the one-time character Frank Grimes on actor William H. Macy. He counts Grimes as the hardest, most emotional performance he has ever had to give in the history of The Simpsons.

Hank had a recurring role as handyman Nat Ostertag in Mad About You, starring Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt. He appeared in 14 episodes.

(He shows up in the last few minutes of the clip.)

Azaria had a starring role as a psychiatrist, Huff, in a Showtime series that lasted for two seasons.

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