Volcano Seven begins with a tribute to "caper" books and films, and in particular to the 1967 episode of Roger Moore's The Saint two-part episode, "The Fiction-Makers."

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The cast of "The Fiction Makers"
"The Fiction Makers": A Fan's View

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Simon Templar attends the film premeire of Sunburst Five, based on an Amos Klein novel. He's the escort for the actress who has a supporting role in the film, but Templar is less than impressed with the screen fights - they're easy to work out.

During the reception afterwards, the press mobs the actors and leaves Templar to his own devices. The press also mobs publisher Finlay Hugoson, demanding information about Amos Klein, to which he responds, "No comment." Hugoson asks Simon for help.

Templar drives Hugoson to his apartment building. They go up in the elevator to Hugoson's flat, but as they approach the door, they see the light beneath the door go out.

"Guests?" asks Simon. "Uninvited," Hugoson points out laconically.

Simon holds out his hand for the key.

Inside the flat, Frug (tall and thin) and Monk (tall and wide) have broken into a filing cabinet labeled Amos Klein. Frug pockets Klein's address, then they hear the sound of the elevator and turn off the lights. They then wait... with Frug making the mistake of standing right beside the door. Simon slams it open, stunning Frug, before fighting with Monk. Frug recovers and knocks Simon unconscious, and both men flee, without hindrance from Hugoson.

Hugoson asks Simon to go to Amos Klein's cottage in the country, to protect Klein's real identity.

Simon, always ready for adventure, obliges.

Simon arrives at a rather large cottage, to find it dark. He goes around to the back, peers through a lighted window, and sees a turbaned figure in a chair. A knife thuds into its back and it falls over, and a woman screams! "Help!"

Simon shoves the doors open and enters the room, only to stop stock still as shots rain around him. A woman with her arms bound is firing off a gun wildly, until she runs out of bullets.

It turns out this woman is "Amos Klein." (In one of the few weak points in the episode, she admits to being Amos Klein without hesitation, despite the fact she's supposed to be protecting her identity, and doesn't know who Simon is at this point.)

Simon explains that her publisher has sent him down to protect her, because his flat had been broken into that evening. The woman, whose real name we never learn but who asks Simon to call her Darling, suddenly remembers a letter she had received from her publishers about a month ago.

Enclosed along with a check for 50,000 pounds was a letter requesting Amos Klein's writing services. "The work is secret, challenging, and to your taste."

Simon asks if she answered it, but Miss Darling says, "I couldn't be bothered. This is obviously from some kind of nut."

At this point, a car drives up and a police constable comes to the door, asking about the recently heard gunshots. However, although the constable won't accept a drink, he does accept a cigarette, thereby revealing a turquoise ring, and he fails a trap Simon sets for him. Simon knocks him unconscious and the two attempt to flee, but Frug awaits by their car with an anasthetic dart gun. Both are knocked unconscious.

Simon awakens in a four-poster bed. A woman enters the room.... it is Galaxy Rose, a character in the novel Volcano Seven. She is there to serve him... his breakfast.

Galaxy informs him that his secretary is in the next room, still sleeping, and asks what her name is.

"Darling," says Simon. Galaxy simpers, until Simon emphasizes, "Joyce Darling." Then Galaxy goes into the bathroom to ensure that all is ready for him to take a shower.

Simon gets up, helps himself to a cigarette, and investigates the room. We see a typewriter, a tape recorder, and other accoutrements.

When he comes to the mirror, it comes to life. Warlock's face appears on the screen, welcoming him to S.W.O.R.D.

He apologizes for having brought Klein there so precipitously. "When it became clear you weren't going to cash my check, I had to force the issue. I am Warlock."

After Klein has bathed and breakfasted, he is to come to the Planning Room where he will be told all.

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